Best Couch Fabric Recommendations for Dog Owners
Best Couch Fabric Recommendations for Dog Owners

Do you wish to cuddle with your dog on the couch? Our beloved puppies can do some serious damage to our furniture. From muddy paws to shedding fur, finding the right couch fabric that can withstand their playful antics is essential. In this blog by Upholstery in Dubai, we’ll be sharing our top recommendations for dog-friendly couch fabrics that are durable and stylish.

4 Best Couch Fabrics for Dog Owners


Microfiber is a popular choice among dog owners for couch fabrics. This synthetic fabric offers a range of benefits that make it perfect for households with dogs.

  • First and foremost, microfiber is extremely durable. Its tightly knit threads make fabric durable enough for pet nails and paws. So, even if your canine companion loves to dig into the cushions or playfully scratches at the upholstery, microfiber will hold up well over time.
  • Another great advantage of microfiber is its stain resistance. Accidents happen, whether an unexpected spill or an excited pup tracking in dirt from outside. Microfiber has excellent liquid-repellent properties, allowing spills to not penetrate deeply.
  • Microfiber is easy to clean. Most stains can be removed with a moist cloth or mild soap and water. Plus, this fabric dries quickly, reducing any lingering odors caused by pet accidents.



The durability and rustic appeal of denim fabric make it a favorite sofa fabric for dogs. Denim is great because it lasts long without showing signs of wear and tear. Dogs love jumping on furniture, scratching, and digging, but this fabric can handle it all. Its tight weave prevents claws from causing significant damage, ensuring your couch remains in good condition even with an active dog.

Another benefit of this fabric is its easy maintenance. Dog hair sticks to fabrics like velour or chenille, but not so much with this. A simple brush or vacuum will remove most pet hair without leaving behind any traces.


Denim has several hues and textures, so you can easily match it to your home design. Some say this fabric is less comfortable than microfiber or velvet. But It’s still cozy and resistant to scratches. To sum it up briefly, Denim is an excellent choice for dog owners seeking a durable fabric that can handle rough playtime sessions while remaining relatively easy in cleaning and upkeep.


Sunbrella is a popular dog-friendly sofa fabric that is stylish and durable. Sunbrella textiles, made of acrylic fibers, can tolerate pet hair and claws.

  • Its stain resistance is a major feature. The fabric’s liquid-repellent treatment makes it easy to wipe up pet spillage. This lets you enjoy your sofa without worrying about stains or odors.
  • Another benefit of Sunbrella is fade resistance. Even if your sofa is near a window or in a bright area, the fabric won’t fade in direct sunlight.
  • This fabric is durable, simple to clean, and has many designs and patterns. Whether you like neutrals or vibrant designs, Sunbrella has a fabric for you.
  •  If you’re looking for a couch fabric that can meet the demands of life with dogs while still maintaining style and comfort, Sunbrella is worth considering.
  • With its stain resistance, fade-resistant properties, and variety of design options, it’s an excellent choice for dog owners who want both practicality and aesthetics in their furniture upholstery.


Canvas is a popular fabric recommendation for dog owners looking for durable and easy-to-clean couch fabric. With its tight weave, the canvas is resistant to scratches, tears, and stains caused by our furry friends. Natural fibers make it airy and pleasant for dogs and their owners. Canvas’ color diversity is a major feature. These fabrics match your home design, whether you want neutral or vibrant colors.

Create a coherent design while meeting your pet’s demands. Most spills can be cleaned with a wet cloth or mild soap and water. Canvas couch coverings can be machine-washed for tougher stains and odors. However, some dogs can find canvas too abrasive to sleep on for long periods. Throwing blankets or pillows can enhance comfort without affecting fabric durability.


By taking into account factors such as stain resistance, durability against scratches or chewing habits, ease of cleaning pet hair build-up, and overall comfort level, you’ll be able to pick the perfect couch fabric that will last longer. So go ahead, sit on that comfy couch with your beloved pets by choosing one of our recommended fabrics!

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